The Cockasnook Bookshelf

The Keys of Heaven - David Sutcliffe

The first biography of the clergyman Charles Marson (1859-1914), one of the early Christian Socialists, ahead of his time in criticising church and society for lacking social compassion. The book covers his work in the East End of London, in Australia and in the Somerset village of Hambridge. An influential writer and journalist, he partnered Cecil


Escape From Leigh Woods - Tovey & Lawrence

The animals of Leigh Woods - led by Badge the Badger and Red the Fox - find ingenious ways to outwit the gamekeeper Septimus Grundge and his spiteful dog Hunter.


The Secret of Eternal Youth - Margaret Swift

The peerless girl Floretta, daughter of the forest — beautiful, innocent, gentle, vulnerable — emerges from her secluded backwood into the World of Man, where she becomes known as the holder of the Secret of Eternal Youth. Many, from common scoundrel to mighty king, would have this secret for themselves and will stop at nothing. But does Floretta p


A Spell for Irresistible Charm - Margaret Swift

Sylvia, woodcutter’s daughter, maid of obscure birth, must remain in the forest. Her sole heritage, her sole special birthright is terror of King Julien of Torquella. No riches has she inherited, no right to might, no claim to fame, instead the necessity to conceal herself from the eyes of this very rich, mighty and famous person.

When eventua


The Crown of Untold Wisdom - Margaret Swift

The Crown of Untold Wisdom is the thrilling climax to Margaret Swift’s Amaranth trilogy and follows on from The Secret of Eternal Youth and A Spell for Irresistible Charm.

Prince James Rupert of Ferrar, son of Floretta, has a calling to free the beleaguered land of Torquella. But he is young, naïve and gentle. How c


The German Trip - Margaret Swift

Forty-five young people are saying goodbye to their parents and setting off in a bus for a week in the Rhineland. Heather is new to the school and isn’t at all sure she wants to go on the trip. She is after all small and insignificant so that only the bullies will notice her. Or is she? She may be small, but perhaps she is also beautiful and clever, as well as gifted in caring for others – when the need arises. As events swing between comedy and drama – through the errors and shortcomings of others – scope is provided for Heather’s strengths to be revealed.


Irene Remembers - Irene Boyd

Ellen Marion Irene Boyd was born in Northwich, Cheshire, in 1907 and spent much of her early years at The Beeches, Whitegate, with her family. She became ill as a child and spent time in a number of hospitals including Guy’s, London. All this was to no avail; she became crippled with rheumatoid arthritis and eventually almost completely paralysed,


A Grandad's Life - James K Humble OBE

Jimmy Humble set out to record key events in his life for his grandchildren but with help and encouragement kept going until he had produced this impressive autobiography. He rose from ‘Humble’ origins in Oldham, Lancashire to ‘a grand suite of offices at the top of Millbank Tower’. En route, he enjoyed a successful career as a professional rugby p


Tom Gibbons - Margaret Swift

Tom Gibbons lives with his old grandad in a small village, an arrangement that suits them both very well. The only problem – whether Tom realises it or not – is that it cannot go on for much longer.

What will happen to Tom when his grandad dies? Is he set to lose everything that matters to him: not just his grandad, but also his home, his place


The Free Show - Margaret Swift

The Free Show of the title is an auction. The hero Danny Taylor plays truant from school to attend an auction to buy a tailor’s dummy for his handicapped, single-parent mother, who takes in home dressmaking to make ends meet. Danny has been deeply embarrassed at having been seen by a school friend, standing on a stool in a bridesmaid’s dress so his