Tom Gibbons

Tom Gibbons lives with his old grandad in a small village, an arrangement that suits them both very well. The only problem whether Tom realises it or not is that it cannot go on for much longer.

What will happen to Tom when his grandad dies? Is he set to lose everything that matters to him: not just his grandad, but also his home, his place at school and his dog? Tom faces seemingly insurmountable challenges in dealing with the social services and the police, but fortunately he has more friends than he realises. In outwitting those who deal unfairly with him, Tom can emerge a stronger person: a young man.

The book Tom Gibbons is about youth and age, living and dying, human love and animal affection.

What people have said about Tom Gibbons :

I enjoyed reading it. I am sure that a lot of teenagers would find something in it that would relate to something in their lives.

- JK, Crewkerne, Somerset

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Tom Gibbons

Margaret Swift


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