Escape From Leigh Woods

The animals of Leigh Woods - led by Badge the Badger and Red the Fox - find ingenious ways to outwit the gamekeeper Septimus Grundge and his spiteful dog Hunter. But can they escape them forever?

The story takes place after the construction of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1864 and before 1909 when Leigh Woods came under the protection of the National Trust.

Author Steve Tovey uses his local knowledge and sympathetic understanding of animals to bring this timeless location, now a National Nature Reserve, to life.

Bristol artist Lesley Lawrence's delightful illustrations throughout the story create memorable characters - some more loveable than others!

What people have said about Escape From Leigh Woods :

I would like to convey my thoughts for what I found to be a wonderful book. I found myself totally immersed in this story and lovely illustrations, so much so I found myself rationing chapters when nearing the end as I did not want the story to finish!
Wonderful!! Thank you Tovey and Lawrence.

- Simon Cottrell

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Escape From Leigh Woods

Tovey & Lawrence


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(Uk Delivery : 1.49)