Friends of Cockasnook

Lesley Lawrence :

The cover designs of the Amaranth trilogy are based on beautiful paintings by the Bristol artist and glass painter Lesley Lawrence, who read The Secret of Eternal Youth when it was first written and has always understood it.

Lesley says, “I have always been an artistic person since early childhood. My memory of myself at the age of five is of paintbrush in hand, oil paint preferred, with a mind to create great masterpieces… Whatever their shortcomings, those early ‘art works’ certainly were advanced for a small girl, showing an awareness of perspective, colour co-ordination and composition…

“My affection for arts and crafts has continued to grow and evolve throughout my life, watercolour paint and glass paint being my preferred mediums these days. Although my talent is entirely self-taught, I have been fortunate in having works commissioned: from painting game birds to flamenco dancers, bees to Christmas scenes, advertising posters to show and events programmes. My work exhibited at Southbank Bristol Arts was very well received…

“My ideas are developed from nature, from the garden, parks, the beach, from everyday things. Lying awake at night, I try to envision on paper or glass the image that is imprinted on my mind’s eye. My designs, technique and style are continually growing and transforming, developing and changing, as do all living things. I was truly delighted when Margaret Swift approached me to illustrate the cover for The Secret of Eternal Youth…”

Artwork of Lesley Lawrence