Friends of Cockasnook

James Paterson :

The portrait which graces the cover of A Grandad’s Life has been painted by Jimmy Humble’s eldest grandchild, James Paterson. It was chosen to highlight the author’s dedication of the book to all his grandchildren. James says: “I drew this picture of Grandad in his living room when I was staying there one weekend. He is reading the paper. Around him are things that are in the room: a wooden rocking horse from Bali which we used to be small enough to ride on, a stone man from China, a pot of blue iris, a picture, a lamp and a cushion. I drew my picture on the back of a huge piece of card from the garage that Grandad had used to display newspaper cuttings about my great-great-aunt Irene Boyd. My brothers also had huge pieces of card. Ben drew a football field with his favourite players and Sam drew some funny animals; they were a bit scribbly but he was only four.”

Artwork of James Paterson